There is no question when it comes to the meaning of competencies – nationally and internationally. A glance at job postings shows that they are important for employers. Schools and Universities recognize more and more their responsibility in developing competencies. Consequetnly, not only technical knowledge belongs in their curriculum. Skills that help a person to cope with a wide variety of situations and challenges of life are just as important.

Within our basic training 'Emotional Intelligence', you will practice to use the Competency-Method in your day to day life. This seminar will lay the foundation for all other basic and advanced training courses. You will learn about methodical processes, firm rules and a unique interviewing technique. After the training, you will be able to continue these exercises on your own. 

Once you completed your basic training 'Emotional Intelligence' or one of our specialized courses, you can choose any of our basic seminars. Since our modules build on each other's content, the respective basic training is a pre-requirement for any advances training courses.    

Information Session
(3-4 hours)

Intensive Training Day  (1


Basic Training
Decision-making and Responsibility

(5 days)
Advanced Training 'Decision-making and Responsibility' (5 days) Training 'Technical Competency' (5 days) Advanced Training 'Technical Competency' (5 days)
     Basic Training      'Emotional Intelligence'   (3 days)

 Basic Training 'Personal   Competency' (5 days)

Advanced Training 'Personal Competency' 

(5 days)

Advanced Training

'Emotional Competency'

(5 days)

 Specialized Trainngs

(5 days)

Further, we offer specialized courses for businesses which are tailored to the challenges employees may face in a particular company.

Something new - step by step

During our Competency courses, you will explore, step by step, virgin soil. Your body, psychy, new feelings, new experiences, and new competencies will be in accordance with each other. This is the leading principles of all exercises and ensures that you won't be overwhelmed. Once you reached an inner balance you will come to new realizations and discover new talents. The individual potential of each participant is accounted for and will be expanded during our exercises.


STAR TRAINING is entirely free of any world view; religious or ideological. You will conduct the exercises independently and without any external influence.  Once your training is completed, you will be able to use the Comptency-Meghod independently and without any aid.  

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